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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wine Tasting at Wine and Words Main ST Washington NC

I was mind deep into an episode of CSI: SVU when i recieved a text. Glancing down at my blackberry i realized that the day was Saturday. Wine and Words on Main St in Washington Nc has wine tasting every Friday and Saturday. The wine shops beautiful Sommelier always has great wines from all over the world. This week was no different.

Chignin Vin De Savoie
Chignin is a dry white wine, pleasant to drink, with slight pearling, and a combination of flavors from different fruits, such as apples, with the scent of white flowers, such as acacia. It should be opened within 2 years and served at approximately 10°C. 

My Reaction:
The smell of this wine is absolutely delightful. The sweet aroma takes you through fields of delightful wake induced lucid dreams, almost smells so good that drinking it seems like a waste of fragrance. Then you wave good bye to the 2 seconds ago and immerse your palate into a lake of ecstasy. Whats remarkable is, the crisp sweet dryness that is pleasant from start to finish. The barrel isn't over whelming, actually is very very subtle, the transition is consistent in, there really is no transition. From start to finish, the layers of flavor dance on your taste buds. I could imagine this wine going good with anything you put it too. The alcohol vapors are gentle as well.

Cabernet Franc :
shares many of the same phenolic and aroma compounds as Cabernet Sauvignon but with some noticeable differences. Cabernet Franc tends to be more lightly pigmented and produces wines with the same level of intensity and richness. Cabernet Franc tends to have a more pronounced perfume with notes of raspberries, black currantsviolets and graphite. It is often characterized by a green, vegetal strike that can range from leaves to green bell peppers. It has slightly less tannins than Cabernet Sauvignon and tends to produce a wine with a smoother mouthfeel. New World examples of Cabernet Franc tend to emphasize the fruit more and may delay harvesting the grapes to try and minimize the green leafy notes

My Reaction:
The first thing I remember about this wine was how incredibly smooth it was. In the start, the dry bitter sweetness glides across your tongue as to coat it with a deep dark flavor. The barrel is well noted but not over powering. The taste seems to stay in your mouth for a good minute. Also, it left a some what fuzziness on my lips that was pretty nice.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Spirit Review! Svedka Vodka

Just to set the mood straight.

alright now that your mind is in the right place...

Lets talk vodka. This isnt my first time with this beautiful vodka. It is the first time however reviewing it. So ill start by telling a little of Svedka Vodka's secrets. This work of art was crafted in Sweden. Distilled 5 times to insure smoothness and one can definitely notice this. It goes down smooth, i drink it with water and ice, and it taste like the tear from a glacier. At 40% (80 Proof) the buzz is very mellow and relaxing. This taste as pure as i think one could hope for with out springing for grey goose and only cost half the price. My bottle totaled out to be $15.20.

Would i recommend this? HELL YEA.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poor man has been poor.

So like, i have $6 to my name. I think i might put a donation button on here somewhere. Cant spend 6$ when you need gas, rent is just too damn high.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

LuckyDuck : Cabernet Sauvignon : 2009

First review for this blog, and I will be trying LuckyDuck cabernet sauvignon, product of Chile.

The bottles been open for 5 minutes. The smell is very aromatic of freshly picked red cherries and plums, can sense some sort of a spice, but not sure which. Pouring the first glass now. The Red color of the wine itself is a beautifully vibrant fuchsia. Looks like the juice of a blackberry almost.

The concoction is very thick, this is known to be full-bodied. Almost like syrup. The texture is interesting to say the least. Let me try a second drink. Yup, still thick. It kind of bothers me a bit that its so thick. I think i would much rather this if it were a significant amount dryer. Because the initial slime feeling that coats my tounge makes me ignore the thought that it might have a different flavor and i instantly swallow it with out much of an after taste. The grapes linger a bit, but no real initialization. No real flavor to this. Its like. Boredom for my taste buds. Boredom and rejection.

Wait what is this, was i drinking it wrong the whole time?! I drank it a little faster that sip, forcing the alcohol up the backside of my soft palate, IS THIS OAK my nose sense?! Possibly.. Also after breathing in a cup, or perhaps the first few sips lightened me up,im not sure, its starting to taste better. The warmth on the body that its starting to generate is very subtly and relaxing as if too be a soft melody sung by rock beached sirens.

 I believe this wine to be a total fail, and will probably never drink it again. I didnt like the texture, not much flavor, and all around sucky experience.. Though it was pretty and smelled lovely.

Cost + tax :  $4.78
Chaos Rating: 1/5

Lucky Duck : Cabernet Sauvignon

Hello people, let me talk about the mission.

The mission of this blog post is to introduce the purpose behind this blog. Ive recently gained interest into the topic of wine. Im taking this topic, trying to disect everything thing that it is to be a wine conisour, and do it on an extreeme budget. Im doing this now, as a poor man, so later when i have my own private jet, it wont be stocked with expensive ajax and tonic.

What better way to discover how to use ones palate then with something inexpensive?